What is Vision Conference?

Vision Conference is a student event that hopes to:

  • Extend the vision for how God is working around the world
  • Challenge students to be participants in God’s plan to reach the world
  • Enlist leaders to guide students as they develop a biblical worldview
  • Equip students and leaders with biblical motivation and necessary resources


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evening concert

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You will have the opportunity to choose 2 breakouts throughout the day when you arrive at the conference.


Breakout Sessions

Theater Inspiration from the Word of God

Aaron House | Piercing Word

In Piercing Word’s scripture performance workshop, come and see how scripture can be put on stage dramatically in a way that brings out all the power and emotion with which it was written. No other script has the power to truly change the hearts of an audience!

Using Business to Fight Poverty

Jenna Liew | HOPE International

The world has huge needs? Though we want to help, the issues today – like poverty, AIDs and sex-trafficking – can be overwhelming. Through this session, you’ll learn how you can help in the fight against poverty, explore ways to come alongside the poor so they can use their God-given creativity and talents to provide for their families and invest in their dreams.

Reaching the Local Unreached

Bruce and Joyce Heckman | Immerge

Many unreached people have immigrated to the United States -including our neighborhoods and schools. They can often be just as unreached as they were in their own nations because local believers simply don’t know how to approach new people. How do we make friendships with those that are different from us? How do we communicate truth in a way that others understand God’s love for them?

Equipping Teens to Respond to Sex Trafficking

Missy Jeanes | North Star Initiative

Chosen is a 20 minute film by Shared Hope International aimed at revealing the the warning signs and sometimes the fatal consequences of sex trafficking of middle and high school students. Debrief and Discussion will follow the film.

Ministry at School

Walter Sotelo | NewYork Go


Sharing Christ, Changing the World

Chris Wenden | CEF

So you want to be a Missionary and point people to Jesus? Love bible stories of the Old Testament? How do you share Jesus in bible stories in a way that is smooth and allows people to see Jesus and the message of Salvation seamlessly intertwined with the narrative. Chris will provide you with tools and tips to be able to share the message of salvation in any Bible story you may come across.

Youth Leaders - Planning, Prep and Q&A of a Missions Trip

Tom Lamborn | High Point Camp

Youth Leaders Only:  Come discuss planning, risk management, budgeting, goals, etc of a missions trip as well as hear about personal experiences of being on the receiving end of missions trips in South Africa

Creating a Missional Student Ministry

Mark Canada | Calvary Church

The Kora, Hip Hop & Heart Worship so that all may truly worship

David Hall | WEC

Music is communication that reaches the deep recesses of our soul. That is why worshiping in the indigenous musical language of a people group frees their hearts to “worship in spirit and in truth.”  Learn about how the key of worship in one’s heart music can communicate the gospel in indigenous clothing so that all peoples will be able to adopt faith in Jesus, seeing Him as one of their own.  

How Can I Figure Out What God Wants?

Ray Hutchison | SIM

This breakout session is designed to help the students understand that each of God’s children is unique and has an important role to fill in His global plan.

The Bigger Picture

Ashley Gilman | Ashley Elizabeth Photography

26-year-old local business owner, Ashley Gillman, is passionate about using her camera as an avenue to tell stories. Having spent a year in East Africa working with street children, Ashley is eager to share “the bigger picture” with you today. Come and gain inspiration to capture meaningful photographs globally.

Using Sports to Impact the World for Christ, One Life at a Time

Chico Schlonecker | Push The Rock Ministries

Sports and the Gospel both transcend language, culture, and people groups. Interact with people engaged in sports ministry around the world to hear their vision for sports ministry and learn how God is using them to further His Kingdom here on earth. Learn how that can translate to you here and now as God calls each of us to use our gifts, talents, and passions for Him.

Contact and FAQs


This year, t-shirts are included with your ticket price!


The Vision Conference will take place regardless of the weather! Please use caution when determining if your group can make it to the event.


Continental Breakfast and Lunch provided with admission. Dinner will be on your own. There will be an opportunity to order pizza that will be delivered and be available between the conference and the concert. There will be a $1 per slice fee. Orders will be taken at the Welcome Center the day of the conference. You will have the opportunity to order pizza online when you register and purchase tickets.



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  1. Attend Vision 2014 with students and leaders.
  2. Use the conference as training for upcoming summer short term teams

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